In today's day and age, the world is going through a technological revolution. With the invention of the smart phone, the Internet was transformed from a service that the population could connect to at home or the office into a constant, streaming database of information that can be accessed anytime and anywhere with the simplicity of reaching for a computer in your pocket. Web-based marketing is exploding along with the use of online commercials. According to a study by ComScore in 2011 83% of people using the internet in the US have viewed online videos. In fact, the public watched 75% more videos online in December 2010 than in December 2008. Online video advertising is expected to keep growings.

According to the report "Frames of Reference: Online Video Advertising", out of the 80% of Internet users who watched an online marketing video, 46% took some type of action. It is time to step into the next generation of advertising along with the thousands of businesses around the nation! Soundlink Studio will create a personalized Youtube account for your video giving you the opportunity to post commercials to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or any other social networking sites you choose. Your video is posted all over the web and in front of a potential 100 million viewers. Since we will be filming in 1080 HD 24p, you will have the option to request high resolution copy of commercial via DVD. With this you have the opportunity to pursue Television Broadcast using the Soundlink Studio produced commercial. The possibilities of creative use for marketing videos are huge.