Music Videos

Studio Produced Music Videos

Hayden Kaye - Folsom Prison Blues

Mix Fox - After The Rain

Cardboard Derby - Walking

Lorenzo - Say I'm Sorry

Hayden Kaye - Step Forth

Mix Fox - reMIXes (Album Teaser)

Cardboard Derby - Bad Dreams (Album Teaser)

Hayden Kaye - In The Night

CharaKter - Human Kanvas

Acarya - Hiding Face

Mix Fox - How We Roll(360 Music Video)

Mix Fox feat. One Day Steady - Proven

Jeff Knab - I Got Smashed in Rabbit Hash

Live Concert Music Videos

Patrick Julian

At Fault

Produced Full-Length Albums

Hayden Kaye - Fate

Hayden Kaye Fate Album Cover

Mix Fox - The Mix Fox LP

Mix Fox LP Album Cover

Cardboard Derby - Bad Dreams

Cardboard Derby - Bad Dreams Album Cover

Kyoti - Secret Paradise

Kyoti Album Cover