Corporate FAQ

Simple answers to your most common questions

What do we need to provide you with?

There are a few things Soundlink needs from you in order to produce the highest quality commercial for your company. Take a look at what you want the consumer to know about what you have to offer. Make a list of key points that are essential to selling your product/service appropriately. Remember your commercial will be 0:30-1:30, so keep it specific and remember this is your 24-hour online spokesperson. Once you send us a rough copy of your script, we will work with it and throw in some suggestive changes that we think will be best to draw in potential clients.

What is a video presentation?

In this innovative, inexpensive way to market your company on the internet, we will work with you to write a script that will adequately capture the key points of your services in anywhere from 0:30-1:30 sec. This will focus strongly on capturing your audience by calling them to action. A professional male or female actor will then emotionally deliver the script. This will be accompanied by a bed of inspirational music and beautifully edited into a montage of high-resolution stock photos relevant to your business. You may also provide Soundlink Studio with a high-resolution copy of your logo to add at the beginning and end of your video marketing presentation.

What is a graphic presentation?

A step up from a video presentation, this incredibly put together 1080 HD motion graphics presentation will put fire under potential customers feet to take action. We will work with you to compile a script ranging from 30 sec - 1min 30 sec that will sell your services in a unique and creative way. From there a professional male or female actor will deliver a voice over of your script with the enthusiasm it deserves. Accompanied with an inspirational bed of music we will edit a motion graphics presentation using the latest technologies that will perfectly flow together with your script, and aesthetically please your clients.

What is a custom commercial?

A custom commercial is marketing at its finest. We will set up an initial consultation to learn more about your company, and what you would envision as the perfect commercial to represent your company as a whole. Our very talented writer/producer will then come up with a concept and script that will be sent to you for approval! Once approved, the creative process begins. We will develop a storyboard and shot sequence using up to two locations or the place of your business to film your company in action. After footage is gathered, it will be professionally edited into a custom appealing commercial that will draw in new clients time and time again.

Can I make changes to my commercial?

Soundlink Studio will strive to make every Internet marketing campaign perfect. We will keep every session file for two weeks after the delivery of your final project. Your company will then be able to request any minor changes during this time. After the two-week period, the file will be deleted and the video will be considered permanently finalized.

Have some questions that are not answered here?

Please feel free to contact us with your question. We'll be happy to get back to you with the answer.

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