Produced Music Video FAQ

Simple answers to your most common produced music video questions

What should we have prepared before contacting you?

We will need to know what specific days, times, and locations we will be shooting your music video. Always plan for bad weather if shooting outside by booking more days than expected (maximum of 3 days). We will also need a well thought-out "vision" of what you want for the video in script or storyboard form and using this information we will plan out all of the shots accordingly. Have the song fully rehearsed and solid so that when it comes time to film, all members will be playing in sync with the recorded track which is also a requirement, as we will need to play it through a sound system while filming band shots.

Are there any limitations?

Give us any and all ideas you have for your music video and we will do our best to make it happen. Our main mission is to make your vision come to life. However, there are limitations to certain special effects that require additional programs/equipment that Soundlink simply cannot provide, and we will in turn suggest the next best possible solution. As far as locations, we believe a maximum of three (3) is plenty to get the job done, and will not make any exceptions unless absolutely necessary. If your song exceeds 6 minutes, total cost will increase, as this requires additional filming and editing hours than what we typically offer. We do not support and will not be affiliated with certain explicit content. If your ideas seem unlawful, unsuitable, or offensive to a typical audience member (basically anything that wouldn't want aired on local television), we are obligated to deny our services to you.

How will you go about filming the band shots?

We believe every band member has equal importance, and that it takes a group effort to accomplish an effective song. It's solely up to you how the "focus" is distributed throughout the band members, but no matter what we will ask you to play the song at least 4 times, getting different angles each time (such as close-ups of specific members, long shots, jib/crane shots, moving/steadicam shots, and more). This will ensure we have plenty of footage to work with and will be able to edit accordingly based on your requests.

Live Music Video FAQ

Simple answers to your most common live music video questions

What exactly do you mean by 'live'?

We film one desired song of your choice during a live set that you or your band performs at a live show. This means you must book the shooting date on the same day/time as your show. To ensure multiple angles of the whole band, single band members, the crowd, and more (within the venue), we will shoot with at least two HD cameras and compile all of the footage into a professionally edited high quality music video.

What about the audio?

We realize most people would prefer having the professionally recorded studio version of their song go to their live performance footage as opposed to using the live audio. This does not guarantee everything will be in perfect sync, as some artists do not use metronomes to keep themselves in perfect timing to match the recorded version. However, using additional filler footage such as crowd shots and other editing techniques, we can guarantee that we will provide you with the best possible professional edit which will be nothing short of spectacular.

Can you film the entire show?

Sure! However, each videographer will have to be paid $20 per hour, which will be added to your final invoice. The unedited footage will be added to the final DVD, which will contain your edited music video of one song. As far as editing the entire show, our hourly rate for editing is $25/hour, which we will also add to your final charge. However you want the footage given to you is solely up to you, but keep in mind editing takes at least twice as long as filming!

Oh no, my show got cancelled! What happens now?

Unfortunately, you forfeit your deposit of 25% the initial cost for the video. We realize this may seem unfair, but shows, typically being on the weekend, must be reserved and once they are we have to deny all other potential clients for requests for that date. That takes away business from us, so we are both making sacrifices when booking these dates. All that we recommend is booking another date and making sure both your band members and the venue know how important it is not to cancel the show.

How far will you travel?

Anywhere within a 40-mile radius from our location is included. After that, we will charge $0.50 USD per mile and add the final cost to your invoice.

How long will it take to get the final product?

We will start editing the video immediately after the show. Our contract states that we must not exceed two weeks turnover time, so you can expect to get the video back no later than 14 days after the show. We will schedule a final consultation to make the exchange of DVD for the remaining amount owed to Soundlink Studio.

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